What’s on during COVID-19


Join us on Sunday morning at 10am for our Holy Communion service, either in person or online. Watch it on Sunday, or later if you can’t make it then, on YouTube .

Indoor services can now have up to 150 people, subject to the 4sqm rule, seated 1.5m apart. Outdoor services can have up to 300 people, also subject to the 4sqm rule and people 1.5m apart.
All attendees will have name and contact recorded on entry to the church.

Masks must be worn for both indoor and outdoor services. Only one person leading can have a mask off at one time.

A maximum of five singers can lead singing indoors, without congregational participation. If there are singers leading singing, only one can have a mask off.  Anyone leading with a mask off must be at least 5m from other people..
This rule also applies to weddings and funerals.

Currently not permitted.

All children must be counted in the attendance number for general services. However for weddings and funerals children under 12 months are not counted.

Funerals can have up to 150 in attendance, indoors or outdoors, plus the celebrant and others necessary for the service. The 4sqm rule applies.

Weddings can have up to 150 in attendance, indoors or outdoors, plus the celebrant and photographer. The 4sqm rule applies.

Groups can meet in church facilities, the maximum group size is now 20, subject to the 4sqm rule.

Do you want to join in an online Bible Study?
We are commencing a weekly Bible study on Wed 28 Oct, from 10.00 am – 11.15 am. This is on-line via Zoom, but will revert to in the church in the future.
If you require more information or wish participate please contact Rev Geoff Milton any Tue, Wed, Thu or Sun on 0422 184 908 or via email and he will pass on the Zoom details when required.

We have been working in our community providing f
ood for St Mark’s Fitzroy Community Centre. We have now returned to monthly food drops for this much appreciated service.

Parish council meetings are being held online, and many phone calls are providing Pastoral Care to those who need it.


From the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne:
Please continue to pray for those areas / countries affected by COVID-19.  The prolonged isolation and confinement of millions at the significant epicentres of this outbreak will be a difficult experience.  Please also pray for those in hospital and other medical settings and for those working hard to identify a potential vaccine.

Lord Jesus Christ, healer and friend,
come and care for all of us
through the danger and uncertainty
of the coronavirus epidemic.

To people who are sick, bring healing.
To people who are displaced, isolated,
or cut off from family, friends or work,
bring comfort and companionship.
Work with medical staff as they care for the sick,
and protect them from harm.

Give skill and fruitful research to scientists
as they search for treatments, prevention and a cure.
To public health authorities, give wisdom
to decide the best ways to manage
both this crisis and our anxieties.
When communities are fearful,
give a calm spirit,
and kindness to neighbours and strangers.

Through this testing time,
and through all the risks we face together,
teach us once again how we can love one another
as you have loved us.  

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.