COVID-19 Updates



Under the current restrictions 47 people are able to attend our services, as per the one person per 4 square metres rule. Please see our YouTube channel if you are unable to attend these services.

Under ‘COVID normal’ conditions we are able to have 94 people at our services, according to the one person per 2 square metres limit. This is provided that attendees have their details recorded on entry to the church via the Victorian government QR Code Service.

Masks are currently required during in-person services, other than one person leading/singing at one time.  This rule also applies to weddings and funerals.

Funerals and weddings can have 50 attendees subject to signing in via the Victorian government QR Code Service, and appropriate use of masks. These totals do not include those required to run the service.

Groups of up to 20 people can meet in our hall subject to signing in via the Victorian government QR Code Service and the appropriate use of masks. This limit is set according to the 4 people per 4 square metres rule. For more information please see the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s COVID information page.

We have been working in our community providing f
ood for St Mark’s Fitzroy Community Centre. We have now returned to monthly food drops for this much appreciated service.

Parish council meetings have resumed in the church, subject to a limit of 10 people, QR code logins and the wearing of masks.

Many phone calls and/or visits, as appropriate, are providing Pastoral Care to those who are in need of spiritual care and support.


For more information please see the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne’s COVID information page.


From the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne:
Please continue to pray for those areas / countries affected by COVID-19.  The prolonged isolation and confinement of millions at the significant epicentres of this outbreak will be a difficult experience.  Please also pray for those in hospital and other medical settings and for those working hard to identify a potential vaccine.

Lord Jesus Christ, healer and friend,
come and care for all of us
through the danger and uncertainty
of the coronavirus epidemic.

To people who are sick, bring healing.
To people who are displaced, isolated,
or cut off from family, friends or work,
bring comfort and companionship.
Work with medical staff as they care for the sick,
and protect them from harm.

Give skill and fruitful research to scientists
as they search for treatments, prevention and a cure.
To public health authorities, give wisdom
to decide the best ways to manage
both this crisis and our anxieties.
When communities are fearful,
give a calm spirit,
and kindness to neighbours and strangers.

Through this testing time,
and through all the risks we face together,
teach us once again how we can love one another
as you have loved us.  

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.