Kid’s Hope


2021 is St Mark’s 17th year of the Kids Hope Australia mentoring program at Templestowe Heights Primary School.

Kids Hope was started in Australia by World Vision and St Mark’s has been active in this wonderful work right from the beginning.

The heart of Kids Hope is a one hour, once a week, one-on-one session with a trained and Working With Children checked volunteer mentor from the church, and a child identified by the school as a student who would benefit from the program; whose parent/guardian has agreed to their child taking part.

Kids Hope coordinator Bev Fraser, who works closely with the school principal, spoke recently about her involvement with Kids Hope.  “Kids Hope has given me a lot of satisfaction as a mentor and as coordinator of St Mark’s mentors.  I worked with one child for seven years, from Prep to Grade 6.  In that time I watched him grow and we developed a caring relationship.  Now I’m starting again with a new student to get to know and help.  As coordinator I’ve enjoyed seeing relationships grow between children and their mentors.  Some of our team have been together from the beginning and others have joined over the years.  Kids Hope Aus is an important part of life at St Mark’s as we interact with our community.”

Is Kids Hope a religious program?

No. Kids Hope offers academic, social and emotional support to children referred to the program.  Mentors strictly adhere to guidelines on respecting the secular nature of education.  The mentoring hour is not used for any religious purposes.

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