English Classes

Tima English Classes at St Mark’s

Everyone is welcome to attend English classes on Tuesdays at either 1.30 pm or 7.30 pm (during school terms) at St Mark’s Church, corner High Street and Dellfield Drive, Templestowe.

The classes are free and people with any level of English are welcome. The presenters are trained teachers. The lessons are coordinated by Dr Maren Rawlings who completed a Master of TESOL at the University of Melbourne in 2021.

For those who are starting English, small groups with easy material are provided. For the more advanced, examples of topics in the two years so far, have included health, sleep and first aid, cooking around the world, the Australian voting systems, and animals in the home countries of students. Conversation is really encouraged and students can suggest ideas and problems around which lessons can be based. Students who attend come from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.