Building Plans


St.Mark’s was constructed in 1975 and has had several major upgrades since then.

Stage 1 (October – December 2012)
The interior amenities of St Mark’s were totally refurbished. The kitchen / toilets areas were upgraded and the office, meeting room space and the narthex / entrance to the church and hall complex were redesigned. This work is confined to within the existing structure of the buildings.  This stage was completed and officially opened on Sunday 16 December 2012.

Stage 2 ‐ (2015)
The south wall at the rear of the hall was extended outwards to provide much needed storage space, accessed from the hall. The access doors to the car parks were also improved.

Stage 3A – (May – October 2020)
The main entrance to the church has been rebuilt to improve the external outlook and to provide safer and more comfortable  access during all weather conditions. The existing driveway has been upgraded to eliminate steps into the main entrance and a new pathway from the Eastern car park has been included. The old entrance door has been replaced by a double airlock entrance with glass panels and a new covered canopy now extends over the driveway to provide all-weather entry. The surrounding gardens have been refurbished to enhance the new entrance.

Stage 3 – (when required)
Will be the extension of the worship space and provision of a new meeting room integrating into the new narthex space as developed in stage 1.